Brain Cancer – Rise above it:

A national & international network of doctors – Finding the Cause – Finding the cure

The Brain Cancer without Borders (BCWB) service was conceived by Grace Gawler, director of the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship and Research

During her 45 years of cancer service, Grace was always deeply connected to the special needs and struggles of those diagnosed with brain cancer.  She determined to find better ways to support brain cancer patients and their families.

The BCWB Cyber Centre aims to become the world’s first comprehensive one-stop portal for people diagnosed with brain cancer. We have many new treatment options via our global medical alliance, that patients will not be offered.

How the service will help You?

  • By coordinating an alliance comprising  national & international brain cancer experts – we will be able to help patients access innovative  treatments
  • We will advise & coordinate every aspect of your short & long term survival journey
  • We will assist with resources for emotional and psychological support, neuro-rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation

Reducing stress: We know patients & their families feel stressed, overwhelmed and confused by information overload regarding treatment options. We aim to list and clarify options in simple language providing tools to help patients to create a strategic plan.

How our research helps us to help you?

Our 10-15/hrs/week of sophisticated cancer research enables us….

*to stay abreast of breakthroughs

*to provide a range of treatment options for patients

*to increase our alliances with leading brain cancer specialists (worldwide)

One example of how our relentless research helps patients can be seen on the cell based immune therapies page.
Over the last four years, we have worked closely with a global leader in these therapies, referring patients to him with great success.
Based in Asia; he is regarded as the father of cell-based immune therapies.

Many of our patients we referred to his clinic, have attained exceptional outcomes – well beyond normal clinical expectations for their cancer type.
These include patients with Brain Cancer.
Please note cell based immune therapies have few or no side effects, unlike drug based immune therapies now being heavily promoted by big pharmaceutical companies in hospitals throughout the world.

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